Website down after changing nameservers to cloudflare.. Can someone help?

Can I speak to someone about fixing this as it’s very urgent I get the website back up this evening?

In the most basic setup, yes, the A Records typically only point to a single IP address. You should look at the old DNS provider, and make sure all the records are exactly the same in Cloudflare.

I’m on the helpline but t’s directing me back here for technical support.
I need my website back up and running tonight at all costs - there are a lot of people being diverted through to my landing page funnel now who should not be seeing it yet

Is my only option here to reverse my registrar settings to the way they were and disconnect with Cloudflare I’m all out of options with no understanding of what I have to do in CF?

Going back may be the best to get you out from under the stress of the outage. Then you can assess and double check the records as I suggested and try a migration again later.

Yes I reversed it and now my website is back up and running
But now my funnel and landing page is not - is there no way I can have both up and running??

Give it more time, I see world wide propogation is still going, changing back to

So you’re saying if I left it alone my website wold have eventually propagated and came back online instead of being diverted to a landing page?

Is there any way someone can check my settings to make sure I’m doing the right things?

No… if you look at the IPs in the link I provided, the “67” address is your website. I have no idea what the "104"s are so the would have continued to be down if you left it.

Cloudflare support is very helpful if you need someone to look.

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Hi @anthony6, is a community of other Cloudflare users from around the world. To get in queue with Customer Support,login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support, describe the issue and support can assist you. You’ll want to switch your nameservers back to Cloudflare and pause Cloudflare while you’re troubleshooting. Based on early checks, it seemed as it you were on the right path.

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Thank you @cloonan

I will email them and ask for help.

I’m pretty sure this has to be a common problem where people want to link a funnel to their website using the same domain and avoid setting up a new domain for a funnel.

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