Website down after changing nameservers to cloudflare.. Can someone help?

Hi there
I changed my registrar namer servers to cloud flare as instructed but now my website is down. How do I get this back up urgently?


Your naked is actually reachable

Only www is not, as there is no DNS record set up for it.

Sorry, not sure what that sitemeer website is.

How do I set up my DNS records?

The only reason I used Cloudflare is to use my domain name for my digital funnel I set up But as a result my website is now down.

If there is a way to get my website back up back up and running using DNS records I’d really appreciate to know how…

It shows that your site is up.

Please check out and in general.

Your naked domain is already setup, only www is missing.

Works for me. works for you?

I’ve added my www as a CNAME but still can’t seem to get my website up any running

There might be some confusion between my landing page and my actual website. - is my landing page built in click funnels - is my old website that I still use but is no longer up once I changed the name servers.

Does this make sense?

Now it does

and it redirects to case-study.

Does it work for you?

Ha I’ve no idea what that sitemeer website is

That I already explained above. The point is your site seems to work now under www too, doesnt it?

MY website has completely disappeared and I need it up and running -it has soo much content and tools on it for clients to use.

Now when I go to this address: I get taken directly to my landing page of my funnel, which was never the intention. I only wanted to landing page of the funnel to use my domain name but not be abel to get to it unless you add /case-study

Not sure if I’m being clear but I really need my website back up and running otherwise I will have to reverse the name servers back with my registrar

Just to be clear - my website is not the landing page of my funnel which is what you get brought to now once you click the link

Your A Records are pointing to multiple IPs and different IPs for www and non-www.

Do I need to point an A record to the IP address of my website?