Website down after change nameserver to CloudFlare



Hello, I have problem when change my nameserver to cloudflare.
Now my website is down. I use nameserver from google before.
My domain is
If I check on, the NS record are fine but the A record is displaying red cross.
I read on cloudflare that there will be no downtime when changing name server but my website is down for almost 2 days.

Please help.


If “Adrian” and “Henry” really are your name servers (you can double-check in the Cloudflare DNS page), you don’t have any DNS entries for your website.

You need a couple of “A” records: one for @ and one for www, each with the IP address for your website. You can find this IP address in your web host’s settings panel.


I have checked CloudFlare DNS Page and it display the correct DNS entries as in Google DNS.
Here I attached the screenshot of CloudFlare DNS page


That all looks good. I suggest you open a Support Ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


I have open support ticket to CloudFlare and it already 1 day without response.
Hope they give update to my issue soon.


Post the ticket # here so Mods can see if it’s moving through the system.


Here is my support ticket


The zone appears to resolve for me.


Yes because I disable HTTP proxy
If I enable it, my site will down


When the proxy is enabled we simply advertise our IP address instead of the origin IP address. So not sure why an external resolver would have an issue. When Cloudflare is enabled, what happens when you try to visit the site?


If I enable CloudFlare, the site will down and cannot detect records like MX record and A record.


That doesn’t seem possible as we don’t proxy Mx records and their response won’t change if any given other record was enabled for Cloudflare. Can you try again and provide a screenshot of the behavior if it occurs?


Those “A” records you have sure look a lot like Cloudflare IP addresses. They should be your origin server’s IP address.


Those aren’t our IPs (just checked).


No, I mean that when I enable cloudflare, tools like cannot detect MX and A record of the domain.


You’re currently using Cloudflare’s DNS servers. Enabling Cloudflare to proxy for your WWW site doesn’t have any impact on your Mx records… You have several other domains on Cloudflare which are active correct? There doesn’t appear to be anything different between this domain and those.


Yes, I have several domain that active on cloudflare.
But this problem occured only on domain
Did I made configuration mistake?

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