Website down after adding it to cloudflare

MY WordPress website was down after adding it Cloudflare. i added the site to Cloudflare before but it was down, I had to remove it, reset the domain and then it was back again. today when i re-added Cloudflare to the website, tit was down again.

i helped a friend last week to add and configure his site on Cloudflare but he never experienced any downtime and we got our domain and hosting from the same company (My domain was an addon domain in his hosting company.

I am thinking its because my site is a word pres site and there is a conflict some where. This thing is very frustrating. Please help

If you bypass Cloudflare by grey-clouding your DNS entry or using the “pause Cloudflare” option, is it still down?

Not a domain that exists. Do you mean “”?

If so, seems like you don’t even have any DNS entries for your apex domain or www subdomain.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page?

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ok, wait

is it that?

Okay so you don’t have any DNS records for your apex domain or www subdomain. Why not? Did you delete them? Or did Cloudflare fail to import them? Are you still able to log into your old DNS provider to check what the records were before?

the records are the same as cloudflares’

Okay well if you want your apex domain and/or www subdomain to function you’re going to have to create DNS records for them. Do you know where your site is hosted? Have you checked their documentation to get the DNS entries that need to be created?

Do i need to add these records too to Cloudflare?

That is from the hosting company

Just do the apex domain and www subdomain for now

how do i fix that

I can also see this on Cloudflare

the thing is that i am not really an expert in this field, so i am just trying to get everything back in place
Thank you

Create an A record, name it @ (an at symbol), and put in the correct IP address for get target, when you save the record, the name will turn into your domain name, that’s normal
Create a CNAME record, name it www, and put in the correct hostname for the target


ok, thank you. I will do that

Thank you, The website is back. :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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