Website down afetr nameserver update. Cloudflare shows status as Active

I have updated Cloudflare name servers. The website shows active on the overview tab.
But the website is not accessible.

Your domain is added to Cloudflare OK. There is a 500 error coming from Bluehost.

Ensure you have added the correct DNS entries to Cloudflare for your hosting. You can pause Cloudlfare or set the relevant DNS records to “DNS only” to check that your site is working correctly before re-enabling Cloudflare.

[add] is proxied. If you use this in your mail client to collect your email, then this record needs to be set to “DNS only”. (Also proxied is smtp, imap, pop which will also need to be set to “DNS only” if you use those for mail).


It’s possible that the Internal Server Error is due to something like a database that’s attempting to connect to the proxied hostname. Cloudflare does not proxy database connections.

In that case, the database would have to be configured to connect to localhost (or the server’s IP address) instead.

The above suggestions worked. Thank you!

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