Website down 72 hours since moving to Cloudflare

Hi all,

I’m new to Cloudflare, sort of. I bought a domain through Hostinger ( a while back and just pointed it to Beehiiv a few weeks ago and decided to let my Hostinger hosting run out. I didn’t understand what Cloudflare did and I let my Cloudflare expire. This caused my website to go down on Thursday night.

On Friday morning I repointed everything correctly, and then my website came back up again. And then on Saturday I discovered it had gone back down again within hours on Friday, despite not making any more changes.

I am sure the issue is in DNS somewhere between Cloudflare and Beehiiv, but I have spent countless hours and have been unable to figure it out. And I don’t want to spend $200/mo to have Cloudflare help me because that’s crazy.

I have also submitted a ticket with Beehiiv, but I think the issue lies somewhere with Cloudflare. I have followed Beehiiv’s documentation for Cloudflare very clearly.

What do you need from me?

Your Cloudflare configuration is OK…

The 403 error is coming from your host so you’ll need to check there.

You may need to set the A and CNAME records from Beehiiv to “DNS only” in your Cloudflare DNS so they can validate your settings.

Thank you! I’ll wait for Beehiiv to get back to me and see what they say. I appreciate the quick response.

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