Website Down - 503 Service Unavailable error

I’m receving the 503 Service Unavailable error, my website is down i cannot access it. My last activity log from security was from China last night before it happened Jan 2, 2023 3:26:31 PM CHINA

My website appears to have been down since that happened last night!?!
At least this is what my security logs show on Cloudflare

Can you post a screenshot of the 503 page?


That 503 is not from Cloudflare, you should contact your hosting provider or server administrator for assistance as that is where the error is coming from.

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I have contacted them but they’re suggesed they cannot help me unless i change my CNAME back to Bluehosts and that can take up to 64hrs, a 64 hour troubleshoot tyo start off the newyear
is a little much tbh

My security log just before my website went offline, my website has been working fine these last 12 months flawlessly until last night

What you might be able to do is pause Cloudflare (overview tab, bottom right) which does not take anywhere near that long and allows the site to resolve directly to their server.

I was trying some analytic Cloudflare apps last night, i wakeup and everything is offline with no explanation given, just a fat 503

Do i still need to change my CNAME one i hit pause on the overview tab? CNAME updates take 24+hour long

I would suggest you just paude it and get back in touch with Bluehost without making any other changes. DNS updates should not take that long though unless your local resolver caches for a long time.

I was installing Analytic Cloudflare apps then went to bed and woke back up to 503 messages, why am i blaming Bluehost!?! so! if bluehost finds nothing! what then?

If the issue persists after Cloudflare has been paused, it means that there is an issue with your origin, Cloudflare is only operating as your DNS provider while it is paused.

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The TTL for your DNS record is 600 seconds. You f you set it to :grey: it will return the value set in DNS vs the current Cloudflare proxy in 5 minutes or less.


Bluehost told me it will be resolved in 24hrs, i really don’t know what’s happening anymore (in the dark now). I installed some analytic apps at 3:00 am last night, went to bed and woke up with my first 502 error occurred on the history of my website. My security logs showed my last attacks were from CHINA at 3:00am. It’s all suspicious timing for this to be happening simultaneously together. apps/analytics/502’s/China/3am
I changed my CNAME back to bluehosts and my website is horrifyingly broken looken