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Hi Members,

I am new to this community. I own for business operations.

Am concerned as it’s been some time that I have signed up for this service, but still my website doesn’t seem to work.

I am not a developer and hence am using wordpress. I have installed a template already, but nothing comes up when site is loaded.

There is no ‘https’ yet. Although, displays the updated cloudfare nameservers.

Is this because of the required timeframe for datamigration from my hosting provider? If yes, how long does is generally take?

TurtleOrb Studios

Hi @cdcedricdsouza4,

Your site looks like a default WordPress installation that hasn’t had anything added to it.

In terms of SSL, the Cloudflare cert seems to be OK, however, you appear to be on a free web host that doesn’t support SSL on free plans - if you want an HTTPS website, you will need to upgrade or move to another provider that allows you to install an SSL certificate.

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