Website doesnt load anymore

After i activated cloudflare my website doesnt load any scripts on chrome, firefox, etc. Edge is the only browser that works.
[](my website)

You seem to have mixed content issues.

For starters, whats your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

You have a valid certificate on your server, however it is valid only for the naked domain and not If you want your site to be reachable under that host as well you should fix the certificate and change to “Full strict”. But anyhow, that is not necessarily the reason for the issue.

One thing I notice is that you are sending for quite a few resources redirects to Not only is that an HTTP link (-> aforementioned mixed content issue) but it doesnt seem to exist and might be the reason for the issue. Furthermore, you seem to have enabled a Cloudflare application. That file cant seem to be loaded either.

For starters I’d suggest you try to fix these issues and check if that fixes your issue. Otherwise you’ll simply have to debug your site and check the necessary JavaScript code is not executed.

I dont understand this erros, this url doenst exist on the vserver and my apache2 is doing weird thinks too. I changed the ErrorDocument to but after many restarts its load the old url. And btw when i use an other url the website works

Then I would fix that first.

But on an other url its load the right site?
thats so weird lol

As I said before, I’d start with the issues pointed out originally.

They i already have fixed
The pnf page is now save. still does not work.


I am afraid it does not.


You still need to fix this redirect issue on your server. As long as that is not fixed, there is little point in addressing other issues.

Also, post a screenshot of

Try removing the application. Also fix the redirect issue.

i fixed any error and i removed the application. But it doesnt work
Btw on Edge everything wokrs, idk why

Try disabling Rocket Loader at

It works! Thanks a lot!

One last question:
When you are on the website with it loads the old pnf page, when u tip an wrong url. When I use other URLs or the IP it loads the new pnf site?

Try purging your cache on Cloudflare, if that doesnt fix it you need to check on your server directly.

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