Website doesn't exist

My website is Femvestorsglobal, according to google Cloudflare is my host domain.
I login to Cloudflare and my website isn’t linked to my email so it doesn’t exist
Google is telling me I need to update the DNS as my emails are bouncing
I have spent 3 hours trying to navigate my way around this platform
I do not have an IT person and paid someone to setup my website, I am struggling now and I can’t get hold of the person who created the website. Cloudflare tells me they will respond in 7 days. Any ideas?

Hi I see your ticket with Support and the reply from the agent. Duplicate tickets just slow the reply time for you and everyone else.

No, cloudflare does not host sites, exceptions apply, but not here. We sit between your host and visitors to your site to make the site faster and more secure.

Did they give you details of what you need to update?

I suspect that person has the access to the account with your site, can you contact them and ask them for the login details and/or to assist you in making the updates?

If you login to your account, you’ll see the domain (site/zone) is deleted from your account and that the name servers shown here

Do not match the nameservers shown here

That is a pretty good indicator the site is active in another account, not the account to which you are logging in. Your site developer needs to help you with that.

Hi Cloonan, sincere thanks for responding as I am at a loose end.

Yes, I raised 2 tickets as when the response from Cloudflare said it was DNS related, a longer response time was provided.

My domain was created in March 2022 and there were issues as I have no responses from Cloudflare going to both hotmail and my business email.

I have 2 issues, the first is when I login using my hotmail account for Cloudflare it states I have no domain name associated to this account which is why I did a check on femvestorsglobal website and then deleted it as no information was given for me to then update my DNS records as per the instructions from google.

I tried to login to Cloudflare using my business email but don’t know the password and asked for a poassword reset to see if my domain is listed under my business email. Unfortunately, I am not getting a password reset email sent to my business email so I am unable to check.

I am now still in limbo as I cannot source where my DNS files to make the changes google is requesting me to make.

Update- typo in the message above. I have 2 responses from Cloudflare going to both my hotmail and business email address. Therefore I am not clear which email address my domain is registered with. As stated above, hotmail email address is blank in Cloudflare when I login and I don’t know the Cloudflare password for my business email. I requested Cloudflare to reset the business email password and no link has been sent or it is blocked with this dns issue

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