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hello, my website domain christrovato(.com) doesn’t work unless i have www in front of it, I’m not that much of a techie with this stuff but really need to get this sorted asap
I can’t put a screenshot in here but I have one cname with christrovato(.com) and value says is an alias of target.clickfunnels.(com) and then another cname with name as www and value as is an alias of target.clickfunnels.(com). Is this happening because I’m missing an IP one or?

You seem to have duplicate A records pointing to 104.16.(*).194.

delete all A records, then add 2 new as underneath

@ 104.16.().194 ( or to wherever your site is hosted )
www 104.16.(
).194 ( or to wherever your site is hosted )

above should work perfectly for &

Also disable Cloudflare protection/caching (under status toggle orange icon to grey) temporarily.

Than look in adding subdomains as required.

Hope it helps.

Two IP addresses is normal for Cloudflare.

I’m on a tiny screen phone, but if you search for ‘www forwarding page rule’ you should find some posts by me in the subject.

This will forward non-www visitors to your functioning www site.

I shall only say “Clickfunnel”.

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