Website Does not work when i enter with Mobile Data

Hi Everyone,

I use Cloudflare Nameservers and added only A Record to point my server (on Cloudways). Weirdly, my website sometimes work and after 10 min again it stop working “This site can’t be reached -DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” on the Desktop. On mobile device, website works with Wi Fi, but when i switch to Mobile Data, it stops working. I tried A Record without proxy, still same result.

Would appreciate any help

The error message suggests a DNS issue, however your site generally resolves fine.

It will be a propagation issue, so simply wait a day or so. Should you then still have the issue, either try to force your resolver to update its DNS cache (rebooting the router) or switch to another public resolver.

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Also, make sure your browser does not try to request the www hostname. Nothing on your site redirects to that hostname, but should your browser still do it, then you’d get that message because you have no such record.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. It has almost been 1 day. Let s wait 1 more day. If it is solved, i will let you know. Thanks again!

In that case you should really try to force your resolver to update or use another resolver.

Plus, check the www issue I mentioned.

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Hi, As you said, just extra time needed. Everything works properly now.

And www was just experiment thing, already fixed.

Thanks for your help )

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