Website does not work correctly under CloudFlare

Hello to all, I hope to get help.
Please have a look at the page
Please add to cart - no action. I cannot add to cart when CF is enabled. When CF is desabled - all work correctly.
I don’t have an idea what is wrong.


Thank you for asking.

The XHR (Ajax) request returns the good one as the HTML and correct content - in Developer Console (F12) when I click on it, but on the frontend I can’t see the change is done and the cart is being updated.

Nevertheless, the image returned is always “cart 0”.

Should it be some pop-up box, or?

Have you tried temporary pausing Cloudflare for your Website?
Or Purging the Cache at Cloudflare dashboard?
How about disabling HTML/CSS/JS minification and Rocket Loader feature, just in case?

The website works correctly in development mode or in pausing. I found that the problem in cookie. Please have a loot at the video:

I don’t understand why session cookie changes few times while loading page.

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