Website does not show latest changes, old site continue when log out from dashboard. purged multiple time

I’m using Cloudflare for a while now, but I recently made some changes to the homepage of my website.
I noticed that the changed I made are not updated despite clearing my Cache.

I have to pause Cloudflare and check the problem remains the same.
I double-check everything on Cloudflare.

Can anybody tell me what the issue is and if this is a Cloudflare problem?
So basically:
When I’m logged in, I see all the changes I made.
When I’m logged out, I don’t see these changes.
I’m using WP Rocket & Cloudflare and purged Cache multiple times for both.
I have contacted my Hosting provider they said the problem is from Cloudflare’s contact with them.

Hello there,

Was that in Cloudflare dash by purging cache? What’s the site?

Are you saying that after you pause Cloudflare, the problem is still there? Did you wait five minutes after pausing to make sure the pause propagated?