Website does not appear in google search


Since I deployed my portfolio two months ago, I have yet to see my website in the results and there is no activity in Google Search Console.

can my configuration on Cloudflare be responsible for this. If so, what can I change to fix this problem?

What’s your website? Can you share your domain? This could be almost anything, ranging from “you’re sending a noindex directive so bots aren’t indexing your site”, to “google just doesn’t think it’s a site worth indexing yet”.

Cloudflare alone is not going to cause any issues with your site getting indexed though - some of the biggest domains in the world use Cloudflare and are found via Google without issue.

domain : rodolphebansard . com

Your portfolio looks good! Here’s a few things I immediately noticed regarding SEO and the indexing of things though that would really help you:

  • Your site doesn’t render anything if I disable JavaScript - it’s just a blank page. While this won’t make it impossible for your site to be indexed, client-side rendering the entire site is going to make it much harder for search engines to render, index, and keep your site fresh.

  • There are no actual anchor links on your site - no <a href> tags. This’ll make it significantly harder for google to index your page and find the other pages - you shouldn’t rely on buttons and JS for this.

  • You’re responding to basically any path on your site, such as - this probably won’t help either and may result in duplicate content.

  • And then you should probably just give it time. It can take weeks or months for new sites to show up in Google’s index, especially ones that are making it especially difficult for Google like your’s is currently.


thanks for these informations !
I’m going to try to fix these problems hoping that it will eventually appear

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