Website dns configuration

I have a website set on ‘ooowebhost’ and a domain from ‘GOdaddy’. I am trying to set the DNS so that the website is reachable through the Domain, In the meantime ‘cloudflare’ is also being used. can someone confirm / guide me what i need to do please?

Maybe let’s start with the name of the site?

Generally, it’s these steps, but where you start is depending upon what you’ve done so far

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to the DNS Management page for your domain.
  2. Change the nameservers to Cloudflare’s nameservers provided to you when you added your site to Cloudflare.
  3. In your Cloudflare dashboard, add A records pointing to your 000webhost website IP address, or CNAME records if provided by 000webhost.
  4. Ensure that Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to “Full” or “Full (strict)” if you have an SSL certificate on your 000webhost site.

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