Website Displaying Plesk Default Page After Cloudflare and Flexible SSL Certificate Setup

Dear Cloudflare Community,

I am writing this ticket in relation to an issue that I’ve been experiencing with my website.

Earlier today, I completed the setup of Cloudflare on my website, followed by the implementation of the FLEXIBLE SSL certificate. Prior to the setup, I successfully uploaded a backup of my website to my hosting provider, and everything seemed to be working fine.

However, approximately 1-2 hours post the Cloudflare and SSL setup, my website’s homepage began to display the Plesk’s “Web Servers Default Page” instead of the usual content.

Upon noticing this issue, I cleared my cache and reached out to my hosting provider for assistance. I was informed that the problem seems to be related to Cloudflare and the SSL certificate setup. For further confirmation, I can report that my FTP files and database appear to be intact and unchanged. I even tried clearing the cache from Cloudflare’s end, yet the problem persists.

As such, I am seeking urgent help in resolving this issue as my website is currently not accessible to its users. Your quick and effective response would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Efe Cetinkaya

I am afraid that is not a good idea, as that legacy mode will keep your site insecure and without encryption.

Switch that to Full Strict and make sure you have a valid certificate on your server. This should fix these issues. If it doesn’t, you best pause Cloudflare - Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs - and make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare. Once that works, it will also work on Cloudflare.

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I changed it to ‘Full strict,’ but now I’m getting an ‘Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

That suggests that you also need to fix the server, so continue with the second part in my posting and pause Cloudflare and contact your host.

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