Website displaying older version - Need to know if cloudflare is the problem

Hello. I am having an issue with my WordPress site where one of the caches of the site is serving a very old version on some pages. I need to understand if this is due to Cloudflare, a server-level cache or something else. I know this is a cache issue because visiting the site with the ?nocache tag will result in a correct load.

Below is an image of the header response when the browser pulls a very old cache version.

I basically need to know if this file is coming from a Cloudflare server or directly from my host. I have been trying to bypass Cloudflare for testing by activating developer mode and also switching all the domains to DNS only vs proxy.

The reason for me to suspect this is a Cloudflare issue is because the problem started occurring around the same time as when we installed APO.

The reason for me to suspect this is a host issue is because when I clear the server cache (Varnish) it will occasionally and temporarily fix the issue.

Please someone more knowledgeable than me let me know what you think here.

Not Cloudflare. That x-cache: HIT at the bottom is server side caching. Varnish, by how you describe it. Cloudflare cache status shows DYNAMIC, and I see no APO headers.

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Thank you for the fast reply. This is what I suspected. Can you tell me what CF Cache dynamic means and what the other options would be so I know when I am testing?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default. It says “DYNAMIC” because HTML changes often, and especially on a CMS/database-driven site.

The responses are covered here:

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Much appreciated. Closing this out.

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