Website disappeared


My domain name got expired from my registrar and I renewed it now. The associated cloudflare account deleted the data possible because the domain was unavailable.
Now that I have reconfigured cloudflare, my site is in ‘coming soon’ mode. How do I fix it?
DNS is pointing to the cloudflare nameservers and the cloudflare data was as it is when I reconfigured the account.


Fix what? You probably only have to wait until the domain is set up again.

Which domain is it?


The domain is back online. DNS is pointing to cloudflare as well but the site is saying that it is coming soon.


Thats a question for your host.

But again, which is the domain?


For now, set your DNS entries here to :grey: and wait about ten minutes for DNS to propagate. Then make sure your site is up and running on your host. Also make sure it responds to HTTP and HTTPS.

If all that looks good, switch your DNS entries back to :orange:.


The problem has been solved. It probably just needed a little time to get back online. Thank you everyone for the support. :blush:


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