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Sadly, our website developer has died and he was the only person in the company. Our cloudfare account was setup by him so we were never billed as it was through his account. How can we take over the billing to ensure the cloudfare account doesn’t shut down?




It’s sad to hear that. May his soul rest in peace.

You will need to contact the Cloudflare support asap:
They will verify regarding your account and might help you out getting your account back.

Do you have the domain access? I mean the domain is with Cloudflare or you have the access?
If you have it, then you can change the Cloudflare account easily and you won’t need that Cloudflare account.


This is probably the easier route. You’d set up your own CloudFlare account (free) and set up the same domain there. You will need :

  1. to know at least your DNS settings to duplicate
  2. to have access to the domain name at the registrar

If you’re looking for another developer to help you out with this I’d definitely appreciate the work.



can the same domain be added to two different cloudlfare accounts? the last time I tried that, it gave me an error that domain belongs to another cloudflare user.


Yes you can. Very much in the same way you can have multiple hosting accounts for the same domain. It’s up to the nameserver setting to choice which account is authoritative for the domain. In fact I did this for a client last week. It’s a very smooth operation.

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