Website detected like FakeShop by antivirus

My website is listed as FakeShop by antivirus and I can’t access it. The content is static (CF Pages) and no idea why the domain was detected as FakeShop.

I don’t know if the blockage is due to the domain or the hosting, the issue is that now it cannot be accessed because the antivirus blocks it and I don’t know what the problem could be. I have checked the domain on scanner pages and no alert has gone off on any of them.

You can check the Cloudflare category for your domain on Cloudflare Radar.

You can review the categories that Radar has assigned to this domain at the below link:

If you feel that the current categories are inaccurate, you are able to suggest recategorization via one of the following options:

  • Domain Categorization Feedback button in the link above.
  • In the Cloudflare Dashboard → Security Center → Investigate: Search for the domain and select Request to change categorization

Since this category is not likely to have been placed by Cloudflare you should reach out to the service that has categorized it in this way as they should have a reason.

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