Website deleted

This is my domain earthsafeglobal. Com. it was in my account. But now it was removed, but when i search for the pointing in ICANN LOOKUP, it is pointing to Cloudflare . But from my account it is not accessible. Since i currently don’t have access to the domain. I just want to modify my DNS and name server.
P.S. the website also works fine as the last DNS in that account was pointing to my old hosting.


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you still have got the access to the domain registrar still? If so, you are free to manage and change the domain nameservers to the ones assigned to your CF account in the process of adding a domain name to your CF account (you can re-add it, just make sure the domain nameservers are correct ones). Otherwise, switch them to some other hosting provider you appreciate more.

May I ask if you’ve used eZoic maybe? Or was Cloudflare active via some 3rd-party integrator or hosting partner?

If you cannot manage domain at domain registrar, I am afraid you’re out of luck here.

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