Website currently not available

SSL is full.
I changed Nameservers on 5/25.
This problem has lasted about 5 hours.
First appearance:
502 bad gateway error
After I asked Siteground to say that it is a DNS issue, later appearance:

I tried to change ssl and Cloudflare off, and the website isn’t access.

What is your domain?

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You are using Cloudflare DNS servers (good).

Siteground (your hosting) returns a 404 error for
Can you share a screenshot of your NS settings in Cloudflare account (redact IPs)?


You added these records manually or they were added automatically for you?

automatic : * , mail , www , .112

Your hosting supports Cloudflare CDN and it would be much easier to use Cloudflare from your hosting. Here is the tutorial.

I have used this, but some features are not fully displayed.
Then I deleted it , I register again.

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If you try to use Cloudflare directly the problem is your hosting changes your IP frequently and as you see in automatic records generated by CF, they are wrong (they were correct at the time CF gathered them but changed later).

I deleted these records of manually.
You mean that do I need fixed IP ?

Fixed IP is not mandatory. You can use CF with your current hosting provider, I just explained what is going on. Follow the tutorials and it will work.

Is there any way I can solve it?
Let it access correctly.

So you deleted the domain and followed Siteground tutorials? Now it is using Cloudflare and works.


I restore the original settings in CF and it works in Firefox.
But chrome isn’t.
I’ll under observation for a few days.

Thank you for your help.
Hope it has been working.

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My screenshot is from Chrome. Clear your browser cache.

I usually use Chrome in incognito mode and just cleared browser cache .
Chrome is work.
Thank you~

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