Website Crashed After Install

At the suggestion of my hosting company, to optimize performance, I setup a Cloudflare account today and started the process. During the setup I ran into an issue logging into my domain registrar (waiting for them to unlock my account), so I have just been waiting to clear that up to move forward. Within about half an hour of starting the process, then entire site has crashed. I have no idea what happened or why. My host is trying to diagnose but isn’t having much luck. Any advice?

How far did you get with the setup? What specific action(s) have you taken already? Have you changed your domain’s DNS nameservers yet?

If you’re comfortable doing so, please provide your site address so we can take a look for you.

I had not changed the DNS yet because I wasn’t able to log into my registrar. The site is www. candicekphotography .com

In that case, that’s a mere coincidence, and the crash has absolutely nothing to do with any setup you did in Cloudflare.

As your site uses the WordPress software, I’ll recommend you head over to the official WordPress support forum for the people most familiar with WordPress to help you:

Good luck!


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