Website conversion rate going down

i have an ecommerce website with a daily traffic of 20k users per month. have unlimited bandwidth on on internal server , according to the server data centre , there is no load on the system , but generally the ecommerce conversion rate of my website is 3% , but on somedays , it suddenly drops to 2.1-2% , upon testing we aren’t able to find any issue , its has been months , we are not able to find the actual issue , what is happening with our website , suddenly we wonder , if the speed goes too slow in tier 2 or 3 cities or is it something else which leads to such a sudden drop in conversion rate

If you can share your domain name, there are people here who specialize in website performance who would have a look.

stylestry . com

So, no one here can help you with SEO in general, but with regard to speed, your site has a few glaring issues that a competent web developer would be able to address. The main HTML page takes more than 500ms to load from the USA (and is not cacheable) and everything else on the page waits for it to finish, and “everything else” is quite a few files.

From what I’ve heard about SEO, that could definitely affect your search rankings.

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