Website Control

I had my site developed from someone and server access was given to them at that time. While I am the real owner of this site, someone else has authorised their IP in setting which I am unable to remove. Now I am unable to get it back, reset or even access.

This site is Cody chat website. Users have different ranks with different levels of access to functions. The developer has given himself the highest powers. I tried to reduce his powers and the website was down just after few mins. No one could access it. This is wrong from the developer as he is asking for more money to keep this site up and running.

Would you please help me in getting aaPanel access back or would you suggest me how to get back control of my own website?

Cloudflare is not your hosting provider and has no access to this sort of thing nor any way to help.

It’s likely that your site is using Cloudflare for DNS and/or CDN service, but what you need is the hosting company your server is at.

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