Website 'Content Blocked' following DNS / Server adjustments

I recently assigned 2 Cloudflare nameservers to my domain themusicelevatorDOTcom provider 1and1DOTcoDOTuk in order to add add SSL (which 1and1 don’t include in the domain purchase). They are angela.ns.cloudflareDOTcom & gordon.ns.cloudflareDOTcom (see

I then pointed my themusicelevatorDOTcom domain to my Yola website themusicelevatorDOTyolasiteDOTcom by creating two A Records which point to Yola’s IP Address (see (they are the 1st and 7th on this list)

I then added the same A record to Cloudflare so that the domain name will point to the Yola website (screenshot to follow)

I finally activated the ‘Always use HTTPS’ feature on Cloudflare as I was advised to do this…

The problem is that now, when loading the domain .themusicelevatorDOTcom, the address bar shows the website is ‘secure’, however the content is ‘blocked’

Can anyone advise as to whether I need to make further adjustments to the configuration, going by the above screenshots I’ve provided? e.g do I need to adjust / remove some of the A Records from my 1and1 account or adjust / remove some of the A Records on my Cloudflare account (should they all be set at ‘Proxied’?)

The difficulty I have is that the 3 providers don’t have access to each other’s settings so they can only help to a limited extent when it comes to configuration.


the remaning screenshot showing the A Record added to Cloudshare:

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