redirected you too many times

hello am facing problem with my domain it keeps saying MyWebSite redirected you too many times.

when i set it to Flexible ssl they error appears but it works fine on Full ssl

any one faced this problem ?

the domain is working now because its set to FULL SSL

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plus www DOT combahost DOT com/whois
getting this error Bad gateway Error code 502

Is the actual error Too Many Redirects?

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 11.49.20 AM

Oh yes, use the :search: to find others that faced and fixed this error using a #CommunityTip

Is that this site :point_down: with the 502 error?

Share the error message and/or error number to get a #CommunityTip with QuickFix ideas

Too Many Redirects

Bad Gateway 502 / 504

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