Website Cloudfare Diagnostic Center Error solutions


When i test my site on Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare

I get these “errors”

  1. Check DNSSEC configuration
    Does the site have valid DNSSEC records?

  2. Check DS record configuration
    Does the hostname have a DS record? Does this record use the Cloudflare algorithm?

  3. Check site speed (TTFB)
    How fast is the page response time?

How can i fix this issues…?

Are these errors bad…on first two erros when i press “Resolve issue” he redirects me cloudflare sites panel, not sure what i must do…

On third error he redirected me to learn more page

I would realy apricate some hints

Most people don’t use DNSSEC, which includes the DS record as well.

TTFB is one of many tests sites like GTMetrix and WebPageTest use.

Are you experiencing problems with your site?

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So i should ignore these errors information…? Or do something…Are
they affaceting my sites performance…

got that

I run cloudflare diagnostic saw these erros and “get scared”

DNSSEC has no impact on site performance. For now, I suggest you leave it disabled. You can read more about DNSSEC here before considering enabling it:


Thank you very much for clarifying things to me

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