Website certificate renewal

I see that my certificate for my site is expiring on 7/19 issued by “Let’s Encrypt.”

Will my website’s be automatically renewed by Cloudflare? My domain is registered with Cloudflare with full SSL encryption enabled, and edge certificate is universal and active.

The proxy certificate is managed by Cloudflare. However you need to make sure your server certificate does not expire either and Full is unfortunately not secure. Make sure it is Full Strict.


@sandro so if I set it to Full Strict, the certificates will auto renew by Cloudflare?

Yes, Cloudflare will manage the certificate on Full Strict. However, you need to use Full Strict in the first place, as you otherwise have no proper encryption anyhow.

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@sandro got it, thanks! Just updated to full (strict) protection.

How long does it usually take to renew the certificate after switching to full strict protection?

That’s two different issues. The certificate is managed by Cloudflare and will be updated in time. Switching to Full Strict was necessary as the other legacy modes do not provide encryption.


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