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When I use the website checker in my Ionos account, I have 1 point that needs urgent optimisation. That is the “There is no Content Delivery Network (CDN) active for the site yet”. I rang Ionos about it and the lady said “to fully enable the CDN to your domain, the website must redirect to www…but ionos don’t handle that part, you need to contact Cludflare”. I changed the nameservers in my Ionos account so I’m not sure what else I have to do. Apologies if this is a complete braindead question, I’m new to this.

Any help is much appreciated.

If you use CloudFlare and you proxy :orange: this domain you are already using a CDN, they just simply cant detect it, as they most probably just check for push CDNs which are easy to detect as they use different URLs

Thanks for the reply. Is there a way for me to check it just in case? My website will be going live tonight so just want to make sure, thanks.

You can run the site through and then click on the Tech Specs link to see if it’s using ‘cloudflare’ for the server.

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Thank you. Just done that and yes, Cloudflare was being used. Thanks for all your help. Very much appreciated.

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