Website can't be loaded - cname and rules in place

I have added the domain, created the cname to the domain I want it forwarded, created the www record as well, created the rule… I get an error that the page can’t be loaded.
I really need help

Are you trying to do a redirect?

If so then I’d follow Redirecting One Domain to Another

I did exactly that
getting an error. there is actually no cname in dns replication

I need help please this is a real issue

There won’t be a CNAME as the record is proxied, check for an A record instead.

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If the cname is correct, and the rule is correct then why I get an error?

Ah, it looks like you previously used Shopify on that domain. This is a common issue where a previous provider used Cloudflare for SaaS and did not correctly remove the custom hostname for your site.

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And what is the fix to that?

To follow the tutorial I linked above to remove that configuration. There are a number of possible ways but the Liberate the Hostname tool is the fastest option.

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