Website can't be accessed in Europe or asia region

hi, Im suffering from a terrible issue. Im testing the website speed and i found out when using pingdom when I attempt to test the site from europe locations or the asia, it doesn’t load and instead loads a blank page, its happening on and off. how do I resolve this?

the site is

Going to the website is resolving it to a local IP address for me. It is resolving to Interesting, this only seems to happen on first load, after that it correctly resolves and shows your website. If I go into incognito I can consistently get

What are your DNS records?

I feel a bit worried sharing the DNS records, but can you please tell me how it could help? my website is integrated via ezoic and I don’t know if this is an issue because of cloudflare, is there any way I can know if it is an issue with them? can you please tell me what could likely be the reason behind this?

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