Website can't access from specific country

We have issue for our website can’t access from specific country (Pakistan). Below the error from user

We also check from dns checker ip blacklist, IP blacklist from

Anyone can help this issue?

Not so great in the US, either:

Same issue as @sdayman! It ain’t looking good for the southern US (which is where I live)!

In addition, you’re site isn’t secure


It seems that your site is missing a certificate!

While that isn’t a cause of this issue, you should ensure that you have Full (Strict) enabled in your SSL/TLS overview page!

Thank you for your response all,

I think the problem is when we access with www , if not www it can be accessed. We have read error 1000 solution but not related with this issue since we have no changed, and our hosting provider can’t change the IP.

Our dns record
A 199.x.x.x
A 199.x.x.x

Is there any issue for CNAME record?

Try removing your DNS record for ‘www’ and then do this:

Some sites are not allowed to access specific country But you can try those sites by VPN.

Great! I think it’s can access with www or no www. Since, i confirm that hosting not provide www content.

Thank you very much

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The site is loading but its loading very slow in INDIA

Hey I have a Recommendation for You !

Your website speed to too slow

You can have a look here It is taking 24 seconds to load which can reduce your traffic i recommend you to follow the recommendation show in this website Here


Thank you for your feedback and recommendation. We wiil coordinating with internal team.

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