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What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?

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When you tested your domain using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center, what were the results?

Describe the issue you are having:
I’m currently running a WordPress instance through docker on a home server. I’ve setup Nginx and have the domain “” routed to the correct server ip address / ports. I have Two major Issues. 1.The site its self will not resolve, it times out. 2.I cannot request an ssl certificate through nginx, I attempted to fix this by adding tunnels for both ports Nginx uses, port 80 and 4443. Using site247 I can confirm the nameservers point to Janet and Patrick on Cloudflare.
. Am I crazy? Missing something obvious? Doing or *not doing something incredibly dumb? Is this an ID10T error?
What error message or number are you receiving?
“the address took too long to load”

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. *check public ip address
    2.*checked name servers
  2. *added tunnels through zero trust platform
    4.bash head on keyboard
    Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

What are the steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Enter the domain name into an address bar
    2.Request SSL Certificate from Nginx proxy manager

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

The domain resolves all right - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

But your webserver does not respond. You need to talk to your host about that.

I’m hosting the webserver. Oddly enough I get strange looks when I start talking to myself out loud.

It may help though :wink:

But whoever hosts that, he has to fix the server

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