Website cannot be reached on smartphone

I am getting “This Site Can’t be reached”’s server IP address could not be found"…on Android Smartphone. Across all other devices, Android Tablet, Ipad, Windows 11 PC, Chrome and Edge, everything loads as it should. Others have tested the site for me on their phones and obtain the same result. I have been to and my Domain Host at Ionos and they could not achieve a resolution to the problem…both referred to it as “weird behaviour” !
I am at a loss how to resolve this.

No results from

DNSSEC looks good:

Are you sure you have a DNS record for ftp in your dashboard here?

As a side note, ftp really isn’t the appropriate hostname for visiting a website. and www are working fine.

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Exactly, no one seems to know why the ftp is appearing on Smartphone sites ! I have spoken to my Domain Host, also those at Fine Art America, and they have NO answer.
I removed the DNS ftp record since it should not be used according to FAA advice.
My site works very well on all devices except Smartphones. Which is where most browse these days.
IONOS advised to contact Cloudflare…

Oh! This sounds like a mobile redirect. Please check this:

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