Website cannot be loaded in iframe because of 'X-Frame-Options'

One of our websites ( works just fine.

But when I reference it in “iframe” from some other website (other subdomain of the same website) and try to open, then sometimes it works fine, but sometimes I’m getting the following error - “Refused to display ‘hyperlink to website’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’.”

Please note that it happens only sometimes. We also explicitly return “sameorigin” value from our website as described -

I presume that it’s somehow related to CloudFlare. Does CloudFlare change ‘X-Frame-Options’ value? Can it be configured somewhere in CloudFlare?

I’ve never seen Cloudflare interfere with X-Frame-Options, and I use iframe internally, and externally, and I set my own X-Frame-Options headers. Start digging around for places where those sites set this header.

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