Website cannot be accessed by users in China

Hi there, we are having a website visit issue and it happended two days ago.

Problem description: website `` cannot be accessed by users in China. Users outside China access this webiste don't have problem.

The tracert stopped at: ``, which is in the CA,US.

IP `` belongs to Cloudflare.

Nslookup ``

Tried to access `` from different ISP in China, the must pass through AS13335 and all failed in AS13335, which belongs to Cloudflare as well. 
If we traced the route to `` from Taiwan, they did not it pass through AS13335 and it succeeded.

All the routes from China to `` must go through AS13335 first but failed. AS13335 belongs to Cloudflare. We guess the problem is in AS13335: routes original in China to `` is missing.

Please help. Thanks.


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