Website cannot be accessed after changes to DNS

A few weeks ago we moved our website to Weebly. Changes to DNS were made and initially the website was accessible however now it is not. Please advise what is required to enable the website to be accessed again.

The website is

The Historic DNS Data shows that the Nameservers for this Domain have changed. It seems like today?
The new Nameservers dont return an A Record for the Domain. So the Lookup of the Domain fails

Server: UnKnown
Address: 2603:5:21b4::30


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Thank you for the response. Can you please advise what is required to fix this issue. We have limited knowledge/experience regarding this. The person who assisted us with developing the website is no longer with us.

First you would need to find out why the Nameservers changed. Did you change them? Did you get any E-Mail from your Domain Registrar informing you of that change?

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When we moved our website to a paid version of Weebly we received a message from Weebly indicating we needed to contact our domain host (which for us is GoDaddy) with the following message:

Hello, I have purchased my domain from you. I have built my website on Weebly. I need you to point my domain to the following IP:
1. The root of my domain:
2. www:
This is done by changing my domain’s A-Records. I am not requesting that you transfer my domain, redirect my domain, or change my name servers. I want to remain with you as my domain registrar.

When we contact GoDaddy they indicated we needed to contact Cloudflare about these changes.
When contacting Cloudflare we were advised to change the CNAME to A and enter the new information.

We did this and initially the website we had created via Weebly was accessible. However in the last few days the website is now not accessible.

As such we are not sure what is required as the changes we made initially seemed to work.

The Historic DNS Data shows that your Nameservers were Cloudflare ones and that Cloudflare returned an Cloudflare IP Adress. This worked. Now the Nameservers changed and dont return an Record anymore. When you didnt change the Nameservers you should contact your Domain Registrar (GoDaddy) and ask them why the Nameservers changed. There could be a possible Breach of your GoDaddy Account when you didnt change them yourself. So you should contact their Support asap to get that sorted first

When that Problem is sorted change or let them Change the Nameservers back to the Cloudflare provides ones. Then the Domain should start to resolve again after the Change Propagated globally

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I assume you (or someone in the organisation) has complete control over the domain registration, website (at Weebly) and Cloudflare account? Or is the person referred to above the only person with access?

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Thank you for your response.

No, the accounts can be accessed by others. Unfortunately we lost the IT expertise.

If I was in the same state, I would offer my assistance gratis. Unfortunately I’m one state over.

You need to contact your registrar.

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We are a not-for-profit charity and have Board members in locations in other states (and one in Germany). We’re happy to work with volunteers anywhere to assist us.

If you would be interested in volunteering for us, please contact us on [email protected]. We’d then arrange an initial meeting via Zoom.

Thank you. We have done :slight_smile:

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Not how I work.

Happy @cscharff help you get it sorted.

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Hi, we have been advised we need to add the Cloudflare name server to our GoDaddy account. Where do we find this information?

You will find that information in your Cloudflare account @sports.united18.

Select the zone (domain) → DNS Settings then scroll down until you see something like


All good I found them :slight_smile: