Website can’t be reached

I’ve been trying to open the website. but it’s showing The site can’t be reached.
I’ve checked and done everything in my system. still still showing same error. I think it’s gateway issue.
Please tell me how to fix this,

Gabon has taken control of the .ga ccTLD from Freenom.

See here for more


are you sure? I’m gonna check it.

The document states

ANINF, the National Agency for DigitalInfrastructure and Frequencies of the Gabonese Republic, will take over the full management of the registry and its national TLD ‘.ga’ as of Saturday 3 June 2023

Oh my god. That’s a bad news to me. I really don’t know what i’m gonna do now…

You might need to shell out some money to register a new domain.


is this only for .ga domain or all free domain such as tk, ml, cf, gq?

It is only (currently) for .ga domains.

IMHO: Better to use a real domain registrar and pay for a domain rather than relying on free domains.


I’m using free hosting and free domain. I’ll buy real domain and hosting in the future.

Some people did pay for .ga domains, me included.

Can’t say we weren’t warned though… Freenom’s management of the TLD has been atrocious with frequent downtime of the TLD registry. Example - this is probably why Gabon took it inhouse.

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  • Did Freenom inform you?
  • Do you still have access to your domain?
  • Did they mention refunds?
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@sandro Not sure who you’re addressing, but for me:

  • No.
  • Yes in terms of DNS records (they are hosted here) but not in terms of registrar info (I tried multiple times in the past to move registrar, but Freenom simply wouldn’t answer such requests).
  • No.
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Curious if the new registry will honour proper registrations. Otherwise a chargeback against Freenom would be in order (if you can still do so).

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Kinda difficult to know about the new registry as, of course, is also down :laughing:

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This probably comes as little consolation @dan43

The press release does state

As part of this switch-over operation, several million domain names will be deleted as the previous operator has not provided the data that concern them.

So again, this comes down to the mismanagement by Freenom.

I know in the past looking up whois information on domains registered through Freenom there was none—not sure if this was the case only for free domains, or done across the board.

But as

…the Gabonese Internet community wish for their domain to remain open to the entire world…

there is the possibility you may still have the opportunity to regain the domain.

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Thanks @anon9246926 ; I was holding out for the possibility that the domain may just re-appear. After all, fundamental Gabonese domains had disappeared too, maybe they’re going to perform a big reload on the 7th (those were my straws and I’m clutching them).

However, now I see more .ga domains appearing again, so I’m less hopeful.

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