Website can not be reached afte connecting to Cloudflare

Site seems to be not reachable after changing nameservers to connect Cloudflare. In Cloudflare the following error continue to appear: “An unknown error has occurred and has been logged. We will fix this problem promptly. We apologize for the inconvenience. (Code: 1208)”

Which domain?


exhibitaround . com

You are redirecting to “www” but there is no such DNS entry. Either drop the redirect or configure “www”.

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Ok, so I have to register the website in Cloudflare including the ‘www’, did I get it right?

No, you just need to add a DNS entry for “www” and use the same address you used for the naked domain.

How do I do this?

Have a look at #tutorial, there’s a dedicated article on that.

How to configure “www”. … can you give dns record and content to include “www” … I am a newbie.

Thank you!

@cmatteo, same advice applies here, but please do not hijack other threads.