Website cached Cloudflare/Google

Hi there,

I have changed the DNS and A registers from my domain host. From house server to host server. However, when i try to access to the website , even with the DNS changed the website is still the one from my home and not from the host. Using a firefox plugin I detect something related to a cache of Cloudflare and Google. I have purged Cloudflare’s cache but even with that the result is the same.

any idea ? do I have to wait more time? from the mobile phone it loads without this problem? is there any way to bypass that cache in the petition?


If this is true, then the site is cached somewhere. Possibly on your device. Have you tried a different browser or Incognito Mode?

yes, in mobile phone it wasn’t cached. It was de browser maybe, some hours later it loaded OK in laptop. However, I was trying with incognito mode, so even with incognito there was some form of cache

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