Website Cache Not Updating

Hi, I recently updated my wesbite homepage but its showing the older one and design of that page is also broken. Its only showing updated version where I am logged in to the wordpress. I’ve read every tutorial and guides but couln’t fix it. I know the problem is with the cache but I tried everything: Server Cache, Cloudflare Cache, Browser Cache, DNS Cache, Lightspeed Cache, Hosting Client Cache, I even tried to delete and recreate the cache folder and also changing, reactivating cache plugins but it didn’t help out. If I use “?v=1” query after the URL then it shows the latest version but then again in new tab, still the old and broken one. Am I missing something ? ( Also I used Elementor for Building the page and I use Updraft for Backups. Tell me if the issue is with these plugins.) Waiting for your response !

Hi Gulshan,

Thanks for your response !

Luckily I atleast now know what the issue is. The issue is not with plugin or any other thing. Its with the Cloudflare. I talked with my hosting platfom and the issue was not from their end. They told me to disable Cloudflare because they checked my website by bypassing Cloudflare DNS Or Server Cache.

I did it too and then I saw the updated version. But the problem still persists becasue clearing cache from Cloudflare doesn’t do anything at all. It has saved a lot of CSS cache (I think) and still loading that but clearing it doesn’t solve anything and also I made a rule to Bypass cache and set Browser TTL to Respect Existing Headers but still no good. Is there any way to delete all the preserved data or Cache in Cloudflare ?

As soon as I Pause Cloudflare for my website, I see the latest version of my website. So, If there’s a way, please assist or maybe I’d have to make a new account to see if the problem resovles. But I might face the problem again in the future changes and I can’t Keep chaging Cloudflare accounts.