Website Cache is not clearning

my website cache is not clearning, i using only Cloudflare to cache my website, and did not use any plugin. The issue is when i login the website, it show latest upated website and when i logout the website or check from other PC it show old version of website and google cache is also show old version of website. I also purge the cache from Cloudflare but it did not work. I update the content and title of my website, but its not update and google bot crawl older version not fresh

kindly look at the issue
and tell me possible solution



Cloudflare doesn’t even cache HTML unless you’re overriding default behavior with a page rule

This sounds like browser caching.

Have you tested using curl -I and looked at the cf-cache-status: header? If it shows “DYNAMIC”, Cloudflare is not caching.

Google’s cache is a whole other thing. Google recrawls on its own schedule, and updates its cache on its own schedule. Recrawl requests through Google Search Console are not reliable. You can use Google’s API to request re-crawls, which is more reliable that requesting through Search Console, but again you’re merely making a request which Google may or may not honor. You can see the last time Google crawled the page via Search Console, usually if you request a recrawl via the API, then check Search Console 12-24 hours later, you’ll usually see that Google has recrawled the page but sometimes not. Also, even if they’ve recrawled the page, that doesn’t mean that they will update their cache. Again, Google does what Google wants.

but i update the article title and change the structure of website, it will not change at google

when i check cache of website url it show old website and it is latest crawl cache:url

then whats the issue is that

you can check site affilosophy .com

Again this has nothing to do with Cloudflare. Your problem is with Google. You can try the Google support forums if you insist but they’re probably going to tell you the same thing I told you: use Google’s Search Console API to submit periodic re-crawl request and be patient

However, it looks like Google already re-indexed your site today and is displaying the new title

So basically you just needed to be patient and wait for Google to do its thing

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