Website bypassing log in page and showing premium content

Hi there,

Since I started using Cloudflare, when I try to access premium content on my website it skips the log-in page giving people access for free.

I have set rules to bypass caching on the login and membership pages (pictured below) but it still skips the login page and gives free access after a day or so.

When I clear the cache it seems to fix the issue but re-occurs a day or so later.

Last week I pointed my name servers back to my host and this fixed the issue, so it must be an issue with Cloudflare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’re using APO, which probably doesn’t know about whatever cookie your site uses to track logged in users. Try browsing your site logged in and with your browser’s Dev Tools open (F12 in Chrome). Then take a look at Cookies to see which ones you use. If it’s a popular membership plugin, APO Devs might add that cookie to the exception list.

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Thanks for your response.

I’m using MemberPress which I think is fairly popular.

Do you know how I go about getting in touch with APO Devs?

Their standard response is to post here in the forums. @yevgen is one of the devs who evaluates cookies for inclusion.

Here’s a list of the cookies. I’m not sure which one is for the MemberPress plugin though…

@yevgen @sdayman

Is there anything further I can do here?

It’s still happening and I’m at a loss at what to do here. I’m ready to switch off Cloudflare to avoid this issue.

Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Those can’t all be from the site. It’s best to use your browser’s Dev Tools to visit your site, then look at the cookies as you use your site.

Sorry, I thought that’s what I had done.

But even so, I’m still not 100% sure what I’m looking for or what do with it after I’ve found it…

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