Website Broken | while using cloudflared tunnel

The Bug :bug:

CSS does not appear on the website, after connecting Cloudflared tunnel to the origin server.
This is the website with cloudflared tunnel:

This is the website without Cloudflared tunnel

Information :information_source:

Website: HTTP to localhost setup (standard)
Cloudflared -v: 8.2
Server: ubuntu: 20.4
Cloudflared is not installed in a docker deployment

Help :safety_pin:

Interesting problem, because other websites on the same tunnel are working with no problems
anyone suggestions? :face_in_clouds:
Thanks in advance

If you look in the browser’s devtools console and network log, does it show for what reason the requests for CSS/etc are failing? And is there anything in the cloudflared service log as well?

I did a server & network rebot and it fixed the problem.
might be something to do with our router or ISP.

Possible Sultions

Follow @Erisa suggestions, you can see the log if you press F12 and navigate to the network tab.
Also the Cloudflare log can be helpful…
Best sultion would be to restart everything. And if the website has a cash layer I would recommend resting/clearing it also.

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