Website Breaks when Cloudflare enabled on Ezoic Site

Hello Everyone,

Recently I’ve implemented ezoic in our site (with cloudflare) which turned our site quite a bit slow. So I’ve tried to speed it up with ezoic site accelerator. Unfortunately that broke my site.

So I disabled that accelerator, restarted my PHP engine, cleared all cache and Paused CloudFlare . The site loads normally and quite fast. But now when I Enable Cloudflare, the site is all Broken. I didn’t change any settings in cloudflare.

Can anyone provide any help? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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Ezoic docs might have clues for you. I don’t use Ezoic myself though.

Ensure your web server origin has properly setup real visitor client IP detection

Why would the original IP of the user not get passed along when using Ezoic?

When using Ezoic’s platform, requests from your website visitors will be routed through Ezoic’s Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS). Therefore, your access logs will show Ezoic IP addresses rather than the original IP address of the user.

Occasionally, your hosting company misinterprets requests going via Ezoic as a bot attack, because all the requests are coming from a single or a few IPs rather than a wide assortment.

Errors you might see in relation to this issue include origin errors, 520 errors, or your host’s Robot Captcha.

This issue can be fixed by using the XFF header.

By implementing the XFF header, Ezoic will send the IP address of the original web visitor through to your server in the X-Forwarded-For header.

If using Nginx as origin backend, you maybe need to enable real_ip_recursive directive on your Nginx origin server when using Ezoic as middle proxy between CF and your origin.

Syntax: real_ip_recursive on off ;
Default: real_ip_recursive off;
Context: http , server , location

This directive appeared in versions 1.3.0 and 1.2.1.

If recursive search is disabled, the original client address that matches one of the trusted addresses is replaced by the last address sent in the request header field defined by the real_ip_header directive. If recursive search is enabled, the original client address that matches one of the trusted addresses is replaced by the last non-trusted address sent in the request header field.

Best to contact your web host and/or Ezoic to properly configure your origin server for use with CF and Ezoic.

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