Website blocks...CF message Sorry, you have been blocked

I followed the steps in the tutorial of Sorry, you have been blocked but I keep getting this message for my own website ‘https ://’, but also on other websites like ‘https ://’

I tried to add a rule on Zone-level Web Application Firewall (WAF) but it looks like my IP adres is blocklisted on a different level?

Who can help me out?

After you’ve seen that “Sorry, you have been blocked” message on your own website, check this link:

If needed, you can apply a filter to search for the specific “Cloudflare Ray ID” found at the bottom of the block page.

Regarding other websites, you can contact the individual website owner(s) and ask them to help you to troubleshoot further, based on the Cloudflare Ray ID you see.


Thank you so much for your help! I am looking but both my ip adresses dont show up when I filter and 7ea455f07d6a2ab0
I added them to WAF but I am still blocked :frowning:

Can clear browser cache & cookies?

Yes I did but it didn’t have any effect :frowning:

Are you using a VPN?

No, but maybe have to go using one?

Looking at the the IP address you mentioned above, it appears to be a classic dynamic IP address, according to the name scheme your provider has chosen.

A dynamic IP could previously have been used (in bad faith) by another customer, where you now retrieved an previously abused IP address, and as such, takes some sort of consequences as a result of it.

I would generally advice against it.

That being said, -

  1. What operating system (including version/revision numbers), do you use?

  2. What browser (including version/revision numbers), do you use?

  3. What is the full list of extensions (including version/revision numbers), installed in your browser?

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Thank you and I use windows 10 and Google chrome. And the list of plugins is long :-S Why not use a VPN? Its more safe?

You can easily test in a new Google Chrome profile with no addons installed.

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I closed all the plugins and still I am blocked…what can I do? :-S

Have you tested yet in a brand new Chrome profile with no changes made to it?

mmm no? How can I do this?

I tried with an incognito browser…so no profile?

But I am still blocked…is there a way to reach support so they can help?

Not just incognito, but a new profile.

Thank you. I tried this as well, but I am still blocked…what to do?

You will need to contact the site operator and see if they are able to work with you to resolve your access issue. They are the only party in control of who gets blocked.

I am blocked for my own site…so how to resolve this?