Website blocked

A subsidiary of ou Group is having trouble accessing sites protected by Cloudflare. For example the site www.kerix[.]net
Here is the Cloudflare Ray ID: 76e058a87f7a94ee
Can you re-evaluate the reputation of the public ip of our subsidiary?

Kind regards,

Better way to solve is: approach the owner of the domain. More information of the ID can be found in firewall event.

The problem is that many other sites have same issues, and it’s always protected by Cloudflare.

That’s why I think the Ip address has been black listed or something like that.

Though many, contacting the owner would be the appropriate way. Cloudflare wouldn’t dig into individual account just like that.

This appears to be a local ISP issue. Contacting the ISP could have a better impact! What’s the region?

For eg: it could be this:

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